Hakusan Co., Ltd. is an import-export company specializing in flower seeds, seedlings, and horticultural supplies. Since our establishment in 1981, we have made a lot of effort to understand various market conditions and have given unique opportunities to market our outstanding products to fulfill the needs, especially of professionals and consumers. We are pleased to assist you to build your successful horticultural fields through our marketing techniques. We show our passion for gardening practices and enhance the convenience of our services. We are confident in supplying healthy and much-loved products. Let us help you to be green-thumbed!

Company NameHakusan Co., Ltd.
Date of EstablishmentJune 10, 1981
Company Address321-1 Sanbanwari, Iwafuji-Cho, Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0104 Japan
TEL・FAXTEL:+81[0]561-75-5777 / FAX:+81[0]561-75-5776
Capital80 million yen
Main BusinessImport and sale of seedlings and seeds of foliage plants, flowering plants and pot plants Research, development and cultivation of plants
Group CompanyCeylon Foliage (PVT) Ltd.

Head office

Company Address:321-1 Sanbanwari, Iwafuji-Cho, Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0104 Japan


1981.06.10Established Hakusan Trading Co., Ltd. in Mie Prefecture
1984.04.01Opened branch office at Nagakute, Aichi
1985.02.25Inaugural of Hakusan-Seminar
1986.01.01Established subsidiary company of J&H Japan
1986.05.23Inaugural of flower exhibition in J&H greenhouse
1988.04.01Moved head office to Nagakute, Aichi
1988.04.01Set up joint company of Hakusan International Co., Ltd.
1992.06.01Established subsidiary company of Ceylon Foliage (PVT) Ltd. in Sri Lanka
1999.10.07Established joint company Toyota Floritech Co., Ltd. at Aomori, Japan First and largest greenhouse in Japan installed
2000.03.10Established Plant Research Development Laboratory at Nagakute, Aichi
2000.03.20Started in first regular greenhouse in Sri Lanka of Ceylon Foliage (PVT) Ltd.
2000.09.25Held inaugural ceremony for largest regular greenhouse of Toyota Floritech Co., Ltd.
2001.06.10Ceremony held for the 20th anniversary of the company
2004.08.23Head office moved to Nisshin, Aichi Company name chenged to Hakusan Co., Ltd.
2010.04.01Taken a stake in Mike Biotech Asia (PVT) Ltd and started Tissue culture propagation abroad
2011.01.25Expanded Nagakute Laboratory
2011.06.10Ceremony held for the 30th anniversary of the company
2014.11.11Changed corporate name of Toyota Floritech Co., Ltd. to Floritech Japan Co., Ltd. obtained 100% of the company?s share by Hakusan Co., Ltd.

Research and Development Division

Our Research and Development Division applies the knowledge of biotechnology to ensure a supply of clean virus-free plants, the development of a mass propagation system, and new and improved breeding techniques.

Tissue Culture

Tissue culture is a technique for isolating and cultivating organs, tissues or cells under totally sterile conditions. At our Research and Development Division laboratory, the main tasks pertain to eradication of viruses, preservation of virus-free elite stock and tissue culture for mass propagation (introduced for Viva Rosa in 2000). In addition, we contribute towards effectiveness and labour savings in production. We also work to secure the latest information and techniques in the international horticulture industry and provide response to the feedback of our valued customers.


Once infected with a viral disease, most plants cannot be recovered. We have to be constantly aware of problems, concerning viruses, particularly because our business relies on the production of vegetative varieties. In our Research and Development Division, we use specific ELISA and DNA examination techniques for the detections of viruses. The plants, which we supply, are screened after shoot apex culture for more than 10 different kinds of viruses and are totally virus-free and healthy. Moreover, they undergo trial production in our greenhouse and are certified as having no mutation problem, which may be caused by this kind of culture techniques. The plants that have undergone this process are called ?preserved under totally sterilized conditions? and can be propagated on request. Thus, we always ensure that we supply the best quality clean plant cuttings for propagation to our customers.

Young Plants and Seeds Sales Division

Young Plants and Seeds Sales Division exchanges information from foreign suppliers, and imported young plants, flower seeds and horticultural goods form Europe, North America and Asia for Japanese potted or nursery plants growers. It has been the core of our business since the establishment of Hakusan in 1981. Our activities are greatly appreciated by pot plant growers all over Japan. Furthermore, by working with J&H Japan Inc., our sister company, we are introducing patented varieties by catering to the various needs of plant breeders. Since 2000, a fully owned subsidiary company called Ceylon Foliage (PVT) Ltd. started producing young plants and cuttings in Sri Lanka. We make every effort to produce and supply the best quality plants for propagation at the most reasonable prices.

Garden Plants Sales Division

The Garden Plants Sales Division makes good marketing plans to promote various gardening products for sale to garden centers and flower shops all over Japan. Hakusan, being a member of the most progressive international network, ‘Proven Winners’, is aware of the latest customer demands through up-to-date information from US, European and Japanese colleagues. Since we first released the Fragaria ‘Pink Panda’ in 1993, our customers have been looking forward to subsequent new items from Hakusan, helping us gain prominence as the most advanced company in the field. Since 1999, Hakusan established a joint venture called ‘Toyota Floritech Co. Ltd.’ together with Toyota Motor Corporation, and released pot Roses, Kalanchoes, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums and other foliage plants in mini pots. Furthermore, the Petunia, Supertunia series (2001) and the Calibrachoa, Superbells series have been launched as a project of ‘Proven Winners’, and these products have been officially introduced in the Japanese market. Since 2012, we co-developed coco peat with Jiffy Product S.L.(PVT)Ltd.. We developed eco-friendly and sustainable culture soil befitting the new age. Currently, we are selling bedding plants and coco peat for regional wholesalers and garden centers all over Japan. We constantly introduce unique items and stable supply of best quality products to bring satisfaction to customers. Wish you enjoy gardening!

Cut Flowers Division

Division of young plants for cut flowers was newly established in July 2011. Hakusan had an experience in producing young plants of cut flowers in Ceylon Foliage (PVT) Ltd. which is a group company of Hakusan, and Chinese cooperated farm, therefore, we could expand businesses because improving quality and reducing costs. We are excited to supply superior varieties through contracts with both domestic and foreign breeders. We have started up cut Chrysanthemum varieties because the biggest crop in the Japanese cut flower market. (Chrysanthemum market in Japan is the biggest in the world!)

Marketing Division

The Marketing Division collects practical information on market research. All our wish is to make an impression on consumers and meet the various demands of the markets. We make attractive catalogues, labels and promotional articles to introduce our high-quality plants and to fill consumer’s willingness to buy. We have various events such as holding the Hakusan open house to show our beautiful line of flowers. Why don’t you come and get your favorite ones?